Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Photos.. And a beautiful letter to his Dad.

Dad, It might sound funny. But Im proud of you too. You are an awesome father. 

The other night I was laying awake in bed, thinking about how ridiculously merciful the lord has been to me (as per usual) and I was thinking about how much of a hard worker you are, providing for your (sometimes ungrateful) kids, and by that I mean me. I remember, and always will, how one time you told me that you used to shave dry (without shaving cream) Just so we could we could have weetbix on the table, to eat. By the way I’m starting to understand the beauty of shaving cream because I’m actually needing to shave daily now, haha. Dad I love you, you have sacrificed much for me, and worked even harder to keep me living and feeling loved. I am glad that I am bringing you honour now by serving my mission. I was reading a section of my Journal where I was staying in the Mount, And bishop had called me and told me that I could be going on my mission in two weeks - and as we both remember I didn't sound too excited (In your own words) - And I wasn't, because I was dead scared. A big part of re deciding to serve my mission and re-doing everything I could to get out was based on the legacy that you have always told me that I would start. That I would be the First "Elder Waters", the way you would look at me as you would tell me this dad - That is the look of pure love - I can’t Explain it any better. Your Righteous desires for me has helped me be a better person, I know you love the Lord. You're an awesome example. You and mum are incredible. The longer I serve the more I begin to understand that this is true. Truly you are my heroes. My heart is always with you two. 

But anyway. Just a little tear shed, here in amongst this rowdy, smoke drenched internet cafe that I stand in. Haha - ain’t that funny, how one can stand amongst such a foul environment but feel the spirit of the Lord ... - anyway not what I wanted to talk about. Time is short. Always. 
Dad I am so glad you are finally doing the work for our family! I have made a goal to go to the temple every week when I return. I never want to miss a week dad. Never again. Never. Never! It would be awesome if we could go together too. It is so important! I’ll say it again, when I get back I never want to miss a week!

I had a dream the other week. That I had returned from my mission and was working back in burger king, I was doing the same old stuff, in the same old mindset, with the same old attitude -"I cant wait to finish work and go home". It was highly symbolic and as I began to understand the symbolism, my heart began to sink. The significance of it was basically this "You spent two years serving the Lord and when you came back home, you returned to your old habits and your old ways, you did NOT change, and fell subject to the same temptations that subdued you beforehand." 

Can you imagine that? Spending two years in the service of the Lord and not changing at all? Well I was forced to imagine it and it racked my soul. Dad I’m not a disobedient missionary, I try pretty hard - but Am I doing enough? When I go out to work each day, to do the Lords work, is my heart fueling every single feasible effort? Or am I just labouring with my might and strength, and withholding my heart and mind. The principle lesson to my dream was this - are you efforts towards serving God really changing you? Are they changing your natures and your core values and beliefs, or is it just a mere temporal adjustment to your behaviour? 

This dream has stayed with me dad and it keeps me on my toes. Every single act we commit that honours our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ should change our natures for the better, and we should do All that He asks with a willing heart. 

May the Lord bless you and our wonderful family, wherever we are in the world.
Elder Waters

Theres is this place called a 'creperi' and they sell crepes, which are like pancakes wrapped up with different ingredients - I go there often and order a "Waters", which is the white chocolate crepe you see in the photos... Yup, I got it so much that I asked for a nickname about it!  And now, every time I walk in, I ask for it hahaha. It's great!

Me getting a haircut at this awesome albanian barber... it costs me only $2 every time for a quality, FAST (oh man he's ridiculously fast it's so cool) haircut. He is awesome. And then afterwards he even cuts my sides up with a straight blade and slaps me with aftershave! All for $2 each! Awesome.

 More photos that were taken in Apollonia of the ruins..Can't be certain if the apostle Paul actually preached the gospel here or not...

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