Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kastriot gets baptized!

Our brother Kastriot Skënderaj on his special day
Well Im glad you love photos because I've got a few this week. I've been trying to be better with taking more photos, because you only have one mission right! That and journal writing, I brought a brand new Journal and a flashy fountain pen and since then I haven't missed a day, of which I am really grateful! Its a hard thing to do if you don't have a set plan, but since I restarted, got all nice fresh new equipment it became easy and fun to do! - Much like repentance.... Haha, see what I did there? I love the mindset that being in the service of the Lord puts you in. Everything is spiritual, your spiritual horizons are enlightened and the beauty of life increases as you realize how loving and generous our Heavenly Father is! 

All spiritual tangents aside (haha), Are you considering coming over here to pick me up? Because that would be totally awesome. I would absolutely love that. I know it's a pricey pickle, but if you do everything you can to get here I promise you I'll treat you to the best of Albania I can! Hopefully by then I speak a little better Albanian, know a few more people and places, so I'll be able to show you the potential of this Beautiful country. 
Me and Elder Cani studying.  He is the Elder that can read the Greek font on the Apolloni Temple Pillars
Apolloni is beautiful! The view was great, man I loved it. It was just like this awesome massive hill with a 360 degree view of an awesome countryside. Yeah the history is crazy. One of the Albanian Elders that was there had lived in greece for a little while, so he was able to read the old greek writings on top of the massive temple pillars, which was sweet! It was really cool.
The font from down under. It is such a battle to put up and take down, it's a workout!
This week was interesting. It was awesome and it had its hardships, highlight was definitely our brother 'Kastriot Skënderaj' being baptized! He was probably the happiest man on the planet, it meant the world to him. He's great. I gave him a shirt and tie to get him started on his Journey in the church, he loved it. I know I didn't write home much about him but I’ll tell you a little bit about him now, he came along to a ward activity about 9 or so weeks ago, loved it. Has come to church every week since but has struggled to understand basic principles of the gospel, but ever since day one he has just loved the gospel and his desire to serve God has been unparalleled. Even though he doesn't understand a lot, it was really enlightening and inspiring to see him work so hard towards his baptismal day, constantly he would say, with a driving passion in his voice, often banging his hands on the table as he exclaimed that "I have entered into this church, I have chosen this road, I have faith and I will serve Him (the Lord) until the end!". It was a great experience working with him. Your prayers helped, I tell you that!
Us with Kastriot and Endrit. Endrit baptized Kastriot
The weather is a killer here man! She's super hot, I often find myself drenched in sweat every time we get home, it’s great! We have received a commitment from our Zone Leaders based on a scripture found in D&C 123:13, a piece of which says that we should "Waste and wear out our lives [in preaching the Gospel]" and when I get back home and I’m covered in sweat and dust, eyelids almost on the floor I’m so tired, I feel like I'm giving the Lord my all! What a great feeling. 

The new boulevard that they made, its actually really pretty and completely full with people during the night

Fier Branch is crazy, the members here are crazy and I love them. I truly love it here. The city just built a new boulevard near our house and it is real pretty, everyone walks it every night, the city gets busy and everyone is just happy. Its what this place needs, a bit of happy! (And we got it :D) 

If you can’t tell, I’m still buzzing about being here. I love it. Truly grateful for the grace of our Lord and Saviour, for the gift of the Atonement that He has so selflessly offered and for the many things that we can become and accomplish because of Him. Its all because of Him. I know its true. 

Love you mum.
Elder Waters

 Ylli, (Pronounced ew-lee), We are working with him. That shop right there is his. It's where he works.
'Kujtim' . One day we were street contacting, I said to him at his door after he answered "We are missionaries and we talk to people about faith" and he responded by saying "Why outside? Come in Come in!!" Which is a serious miracle here in Albania. We are working with him now.

 One of our investigators, Kleard, he's awesome and should be baptized on the 27 june!

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