Friday, April 18, 2014

I Almost Made It.....

Well, where to start…. it's been a bit of a whirlwind… Our last email from Elder Waters while he was still in the MTC was one of excitement and eagerness to get to his mission in Albania, but now I sit here writing this to say he almost made it, but our Heavenly Father must have some other plans for him right now…

The day he was due to fly out, his whole district had packed up and were at the Salt Lake City Airport waiting to board their flight.. His companion had just made a phone call home and Elder Waters was getting ready to call home when he recalls hearing his companion say, "What are you doing?" He heard him say it again and then he remembers nothing, until he woke up to see a nurse next to him…. She was poking a needle in his arm and asking him to swallow some medicine, then he realized he was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital… his district gone, and him left in America while they went on ahead.

What we know from other people is that he suffered a seizure and split his head open when he fell, so he had to have some stitches and staples to hold the wound together.. I imagine his companion and their district would have been in complete disbelief at having to leave him behind and go ahead without him.  We received word through our Stake President, Uncle Dale, about the seizure, but after a seizure, once you have had a sleep - you really wonder what all the fuss was about and are ready to go again.. So Elder Waters waited back in Provo in the MTC for his new travel arrangements to go to Albania.. but it wasn’t to be - Elder Waters returned home on a medical release and will have to be free of seizures for a period of at least 6 months before he can go again.

Now why would I tell you that he suffered a seizure - that seems quite personal right?  It’s because knowledge is power - knowing that he is home on a medical release is one thing - but leaves rumor for speculation - What would you do if you saw someone have a seizure? Do you know?  Neither did we.. but we do now. The biggest thing is that you keep them safe. Clear the area around them and put them in the recovery position once the seizure has finished..
Waters whanau with Nana & Poppa - Reunited
Here we are now - a few weeks out of having our son return home - He was released as a full time missionary but received a call to serve as a temple missionary for the next 6 months in the Hamilton New Zealand Temple and he was set apart a few days after he returned.  He absolutely loves it.. What I can say is that he has the greatest attitude and is determined to do his very best to be able to return to full time missionary life.  We are so proud of him and have witnessed his maturity and growth in the short amount of time he was away.   His testimony of the gospel is a beautiful thing and the relationship he has developed with his Heavenly Father has gotten stronger - He loves the work - He has great faith in the Lords plan and says that he is in the Lords hands - In his last email to us before he left the MTC he expressed this -dad I don’t think I can express how over the moon - happy I am! All the time haha its great. The best part is that when trials come, I know it will be hard. So when they hit, I try and endure them well. I learnt in a devotional one night, through the spirit, that this is how we become better through our trials. Endure them well, just like our Saviour did. 
I am sure that when he wrote this, he didn’t realize he would be coming home, but I can bear witness that he is enduring his trial so incredibly well with a smile on his face and an amazing attitude and a desire to be the servant our Heavenly Father wants him to be.  

The Lord has a work for us all - Our attitude can affect the outcome - a positive attitude can make the days go by quickly and they can be filled with joy - a negative attitude can make it seem long and drawn out and we can place the blame on someone or something and we may never be happy.. I am grateful to say I am the mother of a young man who chooses to look on the brighter side of life - And my prayers are with him as He continues his journey..

Mum x