Tuesday, March 24, 2015


As promised, photos of a very special moment for me.

Elder Waters with Merita Ymeraj

Baptizing Merita was awesome! Such a special experience for me, I am so glad I was able to participate in her spiritual journey! The dialogue is so cool, the first time (of course) that I've ever said it in a different language, and it was so cool. 

Last week of the transfer this week, so next week I could be packing to some other city, almost definitely getting a new companion - but the Lords will be done!

Yesterday I spoke in church, about missionary work... The whole week in preparation I was a little nervous!  I mean who wouldn't be right? New language - I'm super new, but when I spoke I really felt spiritually enlightened!  My prayer was that my message would touch at least one person who was listening, and I feel like it did just that. I feel like the spirit was supporting me as I tried to express the thoughts and feelings of my heart. I know the spirit was supporting me as I spoke.  I felt so at peace. It was great!

Love you mum - Short message but hey there's letters coming!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Mission address

Mission office is moving to this address:

Adriatic South Mission
P.O. Box 2984
Bulevardi "Gjergj Fishta"
Qendra "ALPAS", Shkalla NR. 5,
Apartamenti NR.14
Tirana 00355, Albania

This week has been pretty hectic. Life gets so busy!

Well not much to report from this side of the world apart from I'm giving it my all!  Okay most of my all, theres just that little bit of sooky and lazy Jash that I need to get rid of hahaha, but I'm working on it, for sure. 

Mum. I want your expert advice on something. My health. I'll be honest, I am a little afraid/hesitant to push myself too much, just in case I have another mission-stopping seizure. How do I know when I should slow down? How did you deal with that. I want to push myself and be the best I can, but I definitely don't want to overdo it and come home again! - any advice? 

Hey did you see The video of Elders Anderson and Watene Reuniting in the Phillipines? How awesome aye!!! So awesome and I'm so glad that they got to do that. Are they in the same mission? I dont think so, man thats crazy. So lucky they are, especially Teina!  He got to serve around heaps of people he knew - and maybe they saw Elder Heta as well!  I'm so happy for them.

I remember something President Anderson said to me several times before I left for my mission - " ... And it is work, Hard Work, trust me..." And more about how hard work it actually would be, and guess what.. it is exactly that! Missionary life is so demanding and pushes the boundaries that, had it not been the Lords work, I probably never would have pushed. Mission life is hard. Work. Hard work. 

Having said that, I know I wouldn't have known half the blessings I've received, had I not been working hard.
The principle of course being, you get what you give. Quite literally, if you give your whole soul to the Lord, I have found he blesses you with miracles.

Another Highlight of my week is (well more so for next week), that I was asked to baptize 'Merita Ymeraj' next Saturday! (An investigator of the Sister Missionaries) and I am so excited, so next week expect awesome photos.

The photo last week was a full on bear! A teeth deprived, clawless bear!  I think there is only 1.  I think he must have gone into the mountains and took it while it was young, trained it to be friendly, eat vegetarian, ground down its claws and teeth for the purpose to take photos. Each photo was 200 lekë, which is the equivalent to about $2. 2 BUCKS, for a photo with a bear! 

Love you mum, with all my heart!  Sorry for being a little punk when I was home.

Elder Waters

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stake Conference, Durres, Elbasan and a Bear!

Man this week has been crazy busy. 

One day, My companion and I were running home at the end of a day ( to get home on time ) and he tripped and busted his arm/wrist! Took a midnight trip to the hospital and he'll be wearing a cast for a few weeks :) So that happened! Hahaha this guy.

We had our Stake conference in Elbasan last Sunday.  It was awesome. I was in the choir too! (Not by choice, very much compelled). But it was really nice to both meet the Stake President and I was super impressed with the messages that they delivered and the spirit that was present. Yes!  I understood some of it believe it or not!  The stake president had a super strong direct focus on missionary work and preparing for a mission. He was suuuuuper direct and super bold about it, it was great! But oh man the meeting was so loose, there was like how many cellphones going off, people taking videos and photos of the choir, very openly too! Oh it was so funny!  It is really interesting to see the Church in its younger stages of development, it is a beautiful thing. This was the 2nd Stake conference they've ever had and It was awesome. 
My dearest friend Elder Temple!  Oh how sweet it was to see him!
One of the Saturday Leadership conferences/meetings was in Durrës so we went out there and (since I'm not actually a district/zone leader) I went street contacting and teaching in the streets of Durrës!  The highlight of all that, and perhaps of the whole week (frankly) is I took a photo with a bear. Yes, a Bear!! Not just any photo, I conquered this bear!  It wasn't a massive bear but still, it counts! 

Every day is still a massive adventure, this would have to had been the busiest week yet, the way it should be. I love learning more about people, the gospel, myself, the language.. I love it here. Its just awesome.

Im 2 months through. Not that im counting at all its just I'm almost done with my first transfer, crazy! I could be training next transfer as well (unlikely), but I have a feeling I'm leaving Tirana, We are moving houses because our landlord is trying to suck us dry of the $$ so time to pack the bags again! I'm really excited for what the future holds.

I was reading in Mosiah 4 the other day and I really appreciate King Benjamins words. Perhaps the most powerful, bold and true statement he makes is "For behold, are we not all beggars?". I love it. If you ever find yourself wanting to grow a bit of charity and humility - read this chapter! We are all dependent on God for.. everything. Everything we have, everything we need, we are reliant on him - our existence, our possessions, our health, the ability to feel, smell, see and hear -  is all an extension of His love for us, and how merciful is he towards us ('Unworthy creatures', as King Benjamin so boldly states). I testify that He truly loves us, he sent His son, Jesus Christ as the Ultimate Example, of how we should strive to live and as a testament of His matchless love for us. He lives. Mum he lives! And its a glorious message that I get to share! 
Sorry I got carried away a bit, the gospel is just so beautiful and so exciting.

May the Lord bless you this week!
With love 

Elder Waters

After note: I got letters this week!  I got Dads letter and all of Nikola Mills letters (Aarons mum). Can you tell dad that he's awesome and that I love him :) Im gonna get a pad where I can write proper letters and try send em heaps, Like I promised... It's so much more personal receiving letters like that. I loved his letter.  Loving life mum.  I am happy as ever. 

Love you heaps mum :)  Looking forward to mothers day :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Elder Taupau" A legend in our family:)

Ngaruawahia Ward loves their missionaries - with Elder Watene

I find myself hungering for sleep all the time... I love it! hahaha. Oh that photo is so cool (of Elder Watene)! He's gonna be awesome, great to see his family from all over was there to support him as well. 

Wow thats awesome that you got to see sister Miggins! Thats crazy man, she loves you huh... I'm glad you got to see her as well.  I'm happy you went down to Taupo! Sounds like so much fun. That spot is so fun! It still looks nice and toasty over there.  Its getting warmer here thank goodness! Still raining and cold, this week there's supposed to be some rain on and off, oh mum! The other day there was this wicked as flash storm that flooded the roads hardcore.  We had to wait it out in the church for like an hour.. But on our way there, we were waiting to cross the road and my companion was standing next to this massive river of water that had accumulated in the gutter, and this car comes speeding past and ANNIHILATES My companion! He was absolutely drenched! It was glorious, He wasn't even mad - it was just impressive! I couldn't stop laughing hahaha. 

That is so beautiful that dad got to see his Original Elder that taught him! Thank the Lord for Elder Taupau! Look at the marvelous things it has done for our family, and the fact that dad was his only baptism.. is beautiful. Oh how tender it must have been for dad! ... That is so cool, its like orphans looking for their biological parents and when they find them, oh the beauty! haha. Okay so not so much, but still..

The work has been really hard recently, keeping a high head can be difficult sometimes but it is definately the key to hapiness, no matter what you do. Learning about life and attitudes is beautiful. There is this one sister in the mission who is just always smiling, always pleasant and is simply always happy! I want that for my life. 

I love you mum, you are a great example and inspiration to me, your talk is gonna be awesome. Give my love to the family! 

Elder Waters