Wednesday, January 29, 2014



I love the MTC! The air NZ flight was LONG, it took us about 19 hours total to get from Auckland to the Provo MTC. I prayed I would get here safely and I did! I am super tired. the food in San Francisco and on the planes made me sick!!! I spent the first night tossing and turning, restless in bed. I spent the first two nights with 2 Filipinos (who could speak English) and an elder from Mexico who's English wasn't very strong. I love these elders.

I really like it here, the food not so much but the spirit is so strong! I pray everyday for my whanau back home, I am mindful of my family all the time here, it doesn't distract me it motivates me and I thank my father in heaven every day for my eternal family. 

Nevah and Te Aniwa thank you so much for your letters, they both brought me to tears. Nivs thanks for your 30c, also I'm pretty sure I wont forget your my best friend nivs :)

I miss everyone so much I haven't got much time today but in a few days I will get more time to email.

I love my friends and family so much, my brothers that sent me off with the haka I think about that all the time, and how they are all great men and examples to me.

Mum and Dad thank you for the many things you have taught me, they stress exact obedience so much here and with parents that have so much love for the lord it becomes easy to do this when I think of yous two. I miss my family, but I am so excited to be here.

I appreciate my Maori culture so much here!!! i have met a few NZ'ers here and speaking maori makes my soul so happy! hahaha my spanish and french is coming along well, there are alot of internationals here. I haven't started albanian yet but I think I met my soon to be first companion, he is from Croatia! He is really cool. all of the missionaries here are so kind and loving, the teachers also. Every one is so nice. I am so glad to hear of quades desire to serve! Kia kaha my brother with the title fight to come :) Take care of our families you are the tangata whenua of us boys now haha.

Can you let our whanau know, everyone, that I have been praying for them, and I will continue to do so every day for my mission. I love them so much.

People like my accent here, its funny they think its cool haha.

Please give my email to my friends and family! I can only use this email I think so this is te tahi. I left my journal at home so I don't have aunty sharons address.

My unit number is 75 i think and my approximate leaving date I'm not sure, but maybe its in 8ish weeks from now 

here is my mailing address:

Elder Jashon Ahmon Waters
2007 N 900 E Unit  75
Provo UT 84602

Take care my whanau, photos to come :)


Elder waters