Friday, April 3, 2015

A transfer to Fier, a Haka and Seizure free for a year:)

I don't have a heck of a lot of time right now because guess what... I'm getting transferred! (packiiiiiing!!!!)

I will be serving in Fier with Elder Mattson, it's in the southern Zone where they speak some of the cleanest Albanian in the country, so I'll be learning the 'pure language' and I plan to really up my game when I get there! I am so excited! Sad to see Tirana go and all the beautiful families and members here, but it's the Lords will, so I will place my confidence in that! 

That's so funny about the mission mamas page! Thats such a Kiwi thing to do, hahaha. Good ol Kiwi mamas - thats special!  Such a neat idea. Speaking about kiwi things to do, there's this senior missionary couple (the Smiths - they're awesome) whom, Elder Smith, a former mission president, had served around a Kiwi Elder (Elder Klein?) in Thailand, and he had done a haka for him, both a solo and as a district - the man! So Elder Smith was really fascinated by our culture and of course, tha haka. So after a solid 20 minutes of nagging me to do a haka for them, I decided to do one. I did a solo Haka for my american and Albanian brethren (taukato hi!). It was cool, I’m such a whiteboy but they don’t know the difference!! hahaha. They loved it.

Man, Ngaruawahia ward is AWESOME! We have such a cool ward, seriously, I love Tirana 4th, but Ngaruawahia Ward is hard to beat! How are our missionaries going? Give them a fala! (It means say hello for me) Tell them they're awesome.

Every night as a part of our daily planning, my Companion and I have the wonderful opportunity to reflect on our day and ask each other the specific question "How did you see the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ Today?" And it really keeps you on your toes! Not that it's hard to find, but that we need to adjust ourselves to be constantly looking for it! The first time my companion asked me that, I was like woah, wait, what? Is this like a thing? It took me totally off guard.  I answered, but I realized eventually that asking this question not only gives you the opportunity to testify of Christ and grow your gratitude, it softens your spiritual eyes so they become more sensitive to the things that are available to us through the Atonement. I have seen the power of the Atonement every day. It is a real force, it is powerful! And it is there for us to access if we humble ourselves unto Repentance. Amongst such a confused, scattered world, I have found the deepest feelings of peace and security thanks to my Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. It is truly so beautiful. 

Well mum, my last P day for my first Transfer is almost over. This is actually a really special week, on top of easter and everything happening this month, this Celebrates me being seizure free for 1 year! Wohoo! (Unless I have one before next Monday, bahahaha then I'll be seeing you soon -_- ). I love albania. I adore it.  I’m so stoked to be here.

I hope you are happy!  Even as happy as I.

Love Elder Waters

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