Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Happy Anzac! ..

Oh thats awesome! Neeson has the priesthood? Man that is crazy he’s a big boy now! That is awesome. He must be taller than me as well like all the other youngans these days -_- Give my love to the Conollys! We are actually so lucky to have solid friends in Christ. They are so important. Aren't they an awesome family mum? Aren't we just surrounded by awesome examples in Ngaruawahia Ward? 

Man you all sound like your lives are almost as fast paced as mine! Thats hilarious about the Whangarei crew coming down, just 'notifying' you that they’re on their way... haha! You must have strengthened your relationships so much since I’ve been gone. I know they love you and dad (and the rest of us) soooo so much. They are so grateful for everything that you do for them, you know you are massive examples to them, I’m glad you love having them because I know they feel loved, accepted and safe when they are down at Ngaruawahia - a feeling that every Child of God deserves. 

This week has been a rough one indeed mum! Its been the most pressing week so far, An Elder wisely said to me on my way to Fier at the start of the transfer that this would be one of the hardest transfers for me in terms of language - oh and have I felt that in Fier! We've been working hard and for the most part its been super good. I've seen the Hand of the Lord in the work Every day, but man I have been challenged, I've been stressed, I’ve been pushed to the limit, I have definitely felt that this week! Having said that I think this last recent period of my life has been one of the most productive, soul searching times where I have learnt a lot about myself, my spirituality and my relationship with God.

 A quote entered my mind from the talk "The Quest for Joy" given in the Provo MTC, which says "Joy is no stranger to pain".. To experience the greatest of joys, we must have the capacity to endure the pain, necessary for us to appreciate the joy and beauty that will naturally follow, when we are obedient. I think of  the saviour as He suffered in the Garden for the sins of the world. What was on His mind at the time of His great agony? I do not know for sure but if I had to guess, I would imagine he was at one time thinking about us, the cause of His pain. The purpose of His suffering. He knew very well that if he performed this selfless act of incredible love and pain, we could obtain the immeasurable joy of eternal life. Pain was a necessary part to obtain this true joy.

This is relevant to me and my own personal pains. The Lord refines his disciples so that they are more capable to both feel joy for themselves and their own personal lives, and perhaps more importantly, to share it with other people. 

Although in the moment it may be hard to bear, although our thoughts and emotions may betray and overcome us, the Saviour knows perfectly how we feel. In his Atonement, I am confident that we can overcome any weakness that we possess, any inadequacy is strengthened in Him and truly all of our trials will one day be for our Good! We just need to be patient.

Biiiig surprise I found out that the root of all my worries was a lack of patience. I need to work on being patient and I know the Lord will support me! He has never left me desolate before. He never will. 

I love you all! Excited for mothers day I am! I'll let you know next week what time I'll be on to skype! (Better start perfecting my Albanian, don’t wanna disappoint you... haha!) Oh and I’m sorry to announce this but... I'm losing my accent -_- So i might sound a little American but hey... thats okay :D

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