Tuesday, March 24, 2015


As promised, photos of a very special moment for me.

Elder Waters with Merita Ymeraj

Baptizing Merita was awesome! Such a special experience for me, I am so glad I was able to participate in her spiritual journey! The dialogue is so cool, the first time (of course) that I've ever said it in a different language, and it was so cool. 

Last week of the transfer this week, so next week I could be packing to some other city, almost definitely getting a new companion - but the Lords will be done!

Yesterday I spoke in church, about missionary work... The whole week in preparation I was a little nervous!  I mean who wouldn't be right? New language - I'm super new, but when I spoke I really felt spiritually enlightened!  My prayer was that my message would touch at least one person who was listening, and I feel like it did just that. I feel like the spirit was supporting me as I tried to express the thoughts and feelings of my heart. I know the spirit was supporting me as I spoke.  I felt so at peace. It was great!

Love you mum - Short message but hey there's letters coming!!

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