Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Elder Taupau" A legend in our family:)

Ngaruawahia Ward loves their missionaries - with Elder Watene

I find myself hungering for sleep all the time... I love it! hahaha. Oh that photo is so cool (of Elder Watene)! He's gonna be awesome, great to see his family from all over was there to support him as well. 

Wow thats awesome that you got to see sister Miggins! Thats crazy man, she loves you huh... I'm glad you got to see her as well.  I'm happy you went down to Taupo! Sounds like so much fun. That spot is so fun! It still looks nice and toasty over there.  Its getting warmer here thank goodness! Still raining and cold, this week there's supposed to be some rain on and off, oh mum! The other day there was this wicked as flash storm that flooded the roads hardcore.  We had to wait it out in the church for like an hour.. But on our way there, we were waiting to cross the road and my companion was standing next to this massive river of water that had accumulated in the gutter, and this car comes speeding past and ANNIHILATES My companion! He was absolutely drenched! It was glorious, He wasn't even mad - it was just impressive! I couldn't stop laughing hahaha. 

That is so beautiful that dad got to see his Original Elder that taught him! Thank the Lord for Elder Taupau! Look at the marvelous things it has done for our family, and the fact that dad was his only baptism.. is beautiful. Oh how tender it must have been for dad! ... That is so cool, its like orphans looking for their biological parents and when they find them, oh the beauty! haha. Okay so not so much, but still..

The work has been really hard recently, keeping a high head can be difficult sometimes but it is definately the key to hapiness, no matter what you do. Learning about life and attitudes is beautiful. There is this one sister in the mission who is just always smiling, always pleasant and is simply always happy! I want that for my life. 

I love you mum, you are a great example and inspiration to me, your talk is gonna be awesome. Give my love to the family! 

Elder Waters

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