Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stake Conference, Durres, Elbasan and a Bear!

Man this week has been crazy busy. 

One day, My companion and I were running home at the end of a day ( to get home on time ) and he tripped and busted his arm/wrist! Took a midnight trip to the hospital and he'll be wearing a cast for a few weeks :) So that happened! Hahaha this guy.

We had our Stake conference in Elbasan last Sunday.  It was awesome. I was in the choir too! (Not by choice, very much compelled). But it was really nice to both meet the Stake President and I was super impressed with the messages that they delivered and the spirit that was present. Yes!  I understood some of it believe it or not!  The stake president had a super strong direct focus on missionary work and preparing for a mission. He was suuuuuper direct and super bold about it, it was great! But oh man the meeting was so loose, there was like how many cellphones going off, people taking videos and photos of the choir, very openly too! Oh it was so funny!  It is really interesting to see the Church in its younger stages of development, it is a beautiful thing. This was the 2nd Stake conference they've ever had and It was awesome. 
My dearest friend Elder Temple!  Oh how sweet it was to see him!
One of the Saturday Leadership conferences/meetings was in Durrës so we went out there and (since I'm not actually a district/zone leader) I went street contacting and teaching in the streets of Durrës!  The highlight of all that, and perhaps of the whole week (frankly) is I took a photo with a bear. Yes, a Bear!! Not just any photo, I conquered this bear!  It wasn't a massive bear but still, it counts! 

Every day is still a massive adventure, this would have to had been the busiest week yet, the way it should be. I love learning more about people, the gospel, myself, the language.. I love it here. Its just awesome.

Im 2 months through. Not that im counting at all its just I'm almost done with my first transfer, crazy! I could be training next transfer as well (unlikely), but I have a feeling I'm leaving Tirana, We are moving houses because our landlord is trying to suck us dry of the $$ so time to pack the bags again! I'm really excited for what the future holds.

I was reading in Mosiah 4 the other day and I really appreciate King Benjamins words. Perhaps the most powerful, bold and true statement he makes is "For behold, are we not all beggars?". I love it. If you ever find yourself wanting to grow a bit of charity and humility - read this chapter! We are all dependent on God for.. everything. Everything we have, everything we need, we are reliant on him - our existence, our possessions, our health, the ability to feel, smell, see and hear -  is all an extension of His love for us, and how merciful is he towards us ('Unworthy creatures', as King Benjamin so boldly states). I testify that He truly loves us, he sent His son, Jesus Christ as the Ultimate Example, of how we should strive to live and as a testament of His matchless love for us. He lives. Mum he lives! And its a glorious message that I get to share! 
Sorry I got carried away a bit, the gospel is just so beautiful and so exciting.

May the Lord bless you this week!
With love 

Elder Waters

After note: I got letters this week!  I got Dads letter and all of Nikola Mills letters (Aarons mum). Can you tell dad that he's awesome and that I love him :) Im gonna get a pad where I can write proper letters and try send em heaps, Like I promised... It's so much more personal receiving letters like that. I loved his letter.  Loving life mum.  I am happy as ever. 

Love you heaps mum :)  Looking forward to mothers day :)

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