Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Hi mum!

I'm trying to be better with timeframes (I haven't been as obedient as I wished I had), did my study and exercise - yoga - and then had a lil sleep! hahaha. Went and got haircuts as well, I did my companions sideburns and they look stud as! Same as my hair, I think. You would like it, its really sharp and tidy.
(Mini) Transfers were today, but my companion and I are still together in Tirana, which is normal because I'm still being trained, which is cool.  

Nevahs hair is glorious! Hahaha. Thanks for the photos, they're beautiful:) Im going to print them, have you got one of all of you together? I have found thinking about you on a consistent basis helps and motivates me to be obedient (for some missionaries it makes them trunky, tsk tsk!), so I'm gonna tape it on my wardrobe where I can see it every day.

Over the past few days I feel like I've been tapping into the gift of tongues. I've been communicating and understanding a lot better. A lot of things I don't understand of course, I'm still new.  But learning this language is a beautiful process and I feel the spirit working with me.  I love it.
I haven't received any letters at all!  Maybe they are at the mission office, I haven't checked in a week! 
I am so stoked for Tawhiao.  He's gonna be an awesome missionary. Here is my advice for him (if you ever get a chance to talk to him). He is a special kid, his resolve to be obedient will be greater than a lot of the missionaries he will serve with, don't let that stop him from being obedient at all!  They may even become offended from his obedience (for example, they hate that we won't talk into the early hours of the morning, or turns the light on straight away in the morning), Don't let anything stop you from being obedient, be bold, For therein, miracles await. 
It can be so easy to fall into disobedient habits.  There's this awesome story that really motivated me about this. It's about Parley P Pratt and how he had served over 25 years of his life as a missionary. On returning home he thought he would get to relax for a lil, but then President Young called him to another mission and this is a small part of what he said:
"And when the Spirit of God is upon me, I think it matters but very little what I suffer, what I sacrificed–whether I secure the honor or dishonor of men, or where I die, if it so be that I can keep the faith, fight the good fight, and finish my course with joy. I have all eternity before me, in which to enjoy myself.” (Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, p. xxv.)
I love that, to the honor or dishonor of men, it doesn't matter. Your exactly right our accountability is to God.

I love you so much. Thank you for emailing :) It inspires me to be better. Love to all our family, May you rest well, and may you be happy.  Love you Raya!  You are all my heroes. 

Time to start proselyting and we have a meeting with an investigator. (Potentially, he might not show... it seems to be the trend here sometimes)..

Elder Waters

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