Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Short and sweet..

Well, last week was just a very short email home telling us his leaving date is 1 April - which is not far away at all.  I had sent him copies of Sister and Elder Andersons letters from their blogs and he said he loved hearing how they are doing and he also said to give Elder Flood a big hug from him..  So this weeks email is portions of letters he sent to our Ngaruawahia Ward sister missionaries..

These were all the ties he received at his setting apart.
He took every single one of them and plans to wear them all or give them to those brethren he teaches..

Teaching experiences...

The other day we were teaching an investigator who had just gotten back from a crazy party over the weekend.. We taught him about the word of wisdom (without actually saying word of wisdom... not by choice purely because I didn't know how to say it in albanian hahaha) and the spirit was so nice and strong and beautiful and we asked him if he would commit and he said yes!!!! BOOM!!! It felt so good! haha I haven't had the chance to experience the feelings of someone to accept a baptismal commitment, but I'm not gonna lie tomorrow I might be blessed with that experience! We plan to sing to our investigator, through a  solid lesson plan as well haha. I cant wait to teach her!!!

BETTER NEWS SISTER!!! My shok & I got our first baptismal date with an 'investigator'!!!! It was a sick feeling! We absolutely nailed our lesson and the spirit was able to testify through us, she (the 'investigator') left the lesson pretty much wanting to do anything we would ask of her. It was great. This work is so beautiful!

On a lighter note...

Here's Elder Waters practicing extending commitments.. 

 "Will you commit to sending me a package with NZ ice cream?"

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