Wednesday, March 12, 2014

P Day

Hi mum! 

P Day is catch up on washing day...
What happens on my P day in the MTC is we wake up at 6, get our washing and stuff out of the way and after that get ready for the temple :) they have computers while you wait for your washing which is sweet, so I'm down here atm. I haven't got my camera on me so when we get back from temple I'll try email some photos :)  To be honest I haven't been taking much, its been full on work mum!! 

We (my shok and I) gave a lesson about repentance the other day to our district, it was in english and I think it went alright, It was fun to give it actually!! We found out the night before and I was like YUSSS!!! Teaching in English!! Haha, teaching in albanian is so hard and it was just a nice break to have. Ironic huh? The hungarians from our zone leave next week! Ever since I came here they treated me like older brothers, I'm gonna miss them but I'm so excited for them! Did I tell you that my shok has a sister thats coming to the MTC next week? She is in the new hungarian group, so she's in our zone AND she's studying in the classroom RIGHT NEXT to her brother! How sweet is that! Its crazy!!!

Hes so lucky..

Writing home to everyone...

More photos next week xP

sorry mum ran out of time! Im already so over board with the time limit.... tsk tsk!

Just wanna let you know that I love you so much mum. If you have any doubts about it then ask aunty kara if your eldest son loves you. Just finished emailing her :)

Give dad cuddles for me please mum! Tell him I'm doing it :) With style too.

I'm pumped!! haha.


të dua familjen ime.

Elder Waters

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