Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gratitude brings happiness:)

How are our missionaries going?

I totally introduced myself in Maori to my district the other week, I did my mihi and everything, told them about the pounamu and bone carving I have... about that, President advised me not to wear it so I’m not wearing it outside the flat anymore :) Its sweet tho. Ahh RHADYN!!!! (Rhadyn leaves for Idaho on his mission next week) say hi to them all! Big cuddles from me when they're at our house. Send them my love! Thats so cool they're still visiting, I love that haha.
Martin on the day of his Baptism
Oh man the baptism was awesome! He had a pretty freezing font tho, coz the water wasn't heated and have you seen the temperatures here lately? It is just cold. I feel for him, but he still went through with it and because of it, he will be blessed forever! He has so graciously accepted the gospel in his life, and changed so much already. Watching people feel the spirit, repent, come unto Christ and make life changes is in no doubt one of the most satisfying thing I have ever witnessed. Oh and he is just so awesome! Love him.

That's another thing I learnt this week, the Love I have had for this people is a God-given gift. Not everyone can have it but I believe its a special gift given through His spirit.  It really is the essence of all we stand for as missionaries. We won't achieve anything if we don't have a love for the people! They feel it, they definitely feel it. I am blessed to have this gift given to me so quickly. 

My very organized pink room (least its not on the floor)
Did I tell you I bought a guitar from one of the missionary's? Well technically you bought a guitar for me because I needed to use personal funds so... thank you mum and dad! you shouldn't have :') hahaha. It has brought me so much joy, a song I really love to sing in shqip (albanian) is Come come ye saints. It is such a beautiful song, that has really grown on me since I've been back on my mission. It is definitely my favourite at the moment, the lyrics are beautiful. The second verse of the song is my favourite. Listen Listen!!

We are going rock climbing today. I'm not sure if I sent some photos last time I went but I'll take my camera this time, its super small but hecka fun. 

How is everything back home? How's me puppy dog Rocky. How is his albanian? Probably no better than mine huh... hahaha! Oh hey, my shok and I are rotating the phone days, so every other day I have the phone and that means if an albanian calls, or we need to call an albanian - thats all me! - talk about the deep end. Its so fun tho, nothing breeds success like success, so when I crack a phrase or two without stuttering, I celebrate. 
Albania is so fun. I love it here, that is all I can say really!

Mum Im really proud of you for what you did with Eugene, super happy. I've had a lot of those moments myself actually (not taking people in and feeding them and stuff, thats a no no for missionaries), having overwhelming feelings of gratitude for the blessings I have received. The blessing of health is such an underrated privilege. I am so thankful for being healthy, being able to come to Albania. Perhaps that's what I needed to learn, how to be grateful for what I have! The things that you generally don't notice because they come so naturally. Maybe that's why I stayed home because also, with that comes the health of my family. I'm grateful for you mum. That your still with us, I don't like to think how things would have been if Heavenly Father have different plans for our little family, but I thank the Lord everyday for You, Dad, Tani Raya and Nivs. Merely being alive and functioning is a miracle. 

Gratitude brings an incredible happiness to our lives, so If you find yourself lacking - count your blessings and share them with our Heavenly Father through prayer, you will find your stroke once more. 

Peace and Love

Elder Waters

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