Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sleep is a beautiful thing....

 Sleep mum sleep! Oh man sleep is such a beautiful thing.  We were gonna go to the zoo today, but I sat down on my bed.. one thing led to another and soon I found myself tucked under the warm cozy blankets - OUT! - Needless to say there was no zoo trip haha. I was far too cozy, and it was a well needed nap! (Plus it was totally OK because its P day). I have been super good with taking my medication and stuff, it has been well instilled into my brain! .. Not sure if you got my photos last week about rock climbing, but we are going again today! Its super fun. And I'm getting macho as because of it. All my group is getting ready to go home (ie. They are setting goals to eat better and workout and stuff) but heck! I just got into country, I'm ready to eat 10 suflaqe's a day, 15 snickers bars and as much biscolatta as I can! hahaha. OH, can you tell Nivs that they have snickers here and its really good, its like home. Tell him my companion and I eat the religiously! Like heeeeeeeaps. Its so good haha. Tell Nivs that they're only 50 cents each!!!! HAHAHAHA. That'll make him spew. Oh food is so good. 

Its been getting super wet here lately, other areas (not ours, thank goodness) of Albania have had some severe flooding. Its supposed to get super cold soon! Like -4 Degrees tomorrow morning cold -  UGH I thoroughly dislike the cold haha. So that'll be interesting! Its super funny here, people do NOT like the rain at all! So much that it effects the work, that it effects how many people show up to church. We called someone yesterday (a potential investigator), and asked if we could meet and he was like "are you kidding me, its raining, call me when its not raining" HAHAHA! Thats so funny. I found it funny anyway. I love the people here, they are so loving. Do you remember how Elder Preston said that they have this special type of love, kind of like maori people have their 'aroha' ? Its so true. It is a beautiful thing to witness. I love it! I wanna get amongst it haha. 

I'll talk to you next week! Please get rested, Love your precious bodies! They are beautiful gifts.

Love you. Still Praying,

Elder Waters

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