Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Suflaqe, P-day and a Baptism!

At my study desk in our 7th floor apartment
The view from our apartment
Sorry about the short message this week. But it was really slow and not a lot happened... haha thats a fat lie, its such an adventure every day of the week! 

We plan every night but heck our days are so unpredictable and there is a magnificent sight to see every day. If not spiritually then definitely physically. Language is coming, and by that i mean I'm understanding more, speaking more, but I'm still kaka! Love the challenge of it all.

We got a baptism coming up! On Saturday, Martin is getting baptized and I am so stoked for him. He is gonna make a great member.

Albanians are so funny. Such a fun culture here to be immersed in as a missionary. The members are so loving and so nice. I love it. I get a buzz out of every single day.

We buy suflaqe and this heavenly
Biscolata from this restaurant
You know how I told you about the food here last week, about suflaqe? Well I didn't emphasize it enough. It is like mana from heaven. It is the Fathers gift to albanians, oh my goodness it is so good!

Anyway, heres a few photos, One is our ward football activity we had (albanians love it religiously, its ridiculous), I almost completely bowled over one of the sisters (The ground was hideously muddy so that was really fun) and another was from P day today! We went bowling... haha, get it... and I am super terrible at it, the sisters whipped me even, hahaha. 

Elder Uatërz (Waters)

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