Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First full week away:)

President & Sister Weidmann 
My MTC companion and my now trainer Elder Simons

Hey mum, So. Week 2! Haven't got a lot of time so I'll be super quick. 

Every day has been such an adventure, I forget how intense missionary work is, how demanding, but oh how so rewarding it is! It has been nuts I tell you, nuts! 

The other day we saw a dead body, someone had thrown something from a highrise building and struck someone in the head, dropped him dead :o Totally about 1km from our flat too.. Oh man all the stories I could tell you, just from 10 or so days in the country! You know how people say they served in the best mission in the world? Well truly man, you can't beat the Adriatic South, hahaha. I am going to have such an incredible experience, serving here for the next 2 years or so.

It is so cold here - I really felt the language barrier this week, but I know it'll come - its a very humbling experience learning a language.  It is like nothing else I have done before. I remember saying to the mission people (in my reassignment/reapplication letter) how much better I deal with trials that come my way, and it is so true. Having conquered my little stay at home, and having returned to the field has given me so much confidence and helped me to trust in the Lord so much. It is an event that will give me so much strength with future trials to come. I am just happy, all the time. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm not as happy as I wanna be, but I know things work out in the end. 

Being a missionary is so fun. I heard Alfredo got his call to Australia Sydney South mission? That is sick! Totally awesome man. Give him a massive hug for me if you can. So happy to hear that. I have a friend over there, Elder Mills, in the spanish speaking part, so if he ever sees an Elder Mills, let him know cause he's awesome! Hes from up northy North.

Super pressed on time. Re adjusting to missionary life has been a toughy, but a goody. This week has given me a good indication of what I need to work on, how I need to set my goals and all that Jazz and I'm nothing but excited for the future.

Heres a fun scripture President Weidmann shared with us during a training:

Jacob 5:72

Labor in the lords vineyard, keeping the commandments in all things and he will labor with you. He will Labor WITH YOU!!! Could you ask for anything better? - Although this has a specific relevance to me as a missionary, it is a totally universal principle. Obey the commandments of the lord in all things and the lord will walk with you, whatever or wherever it may be. Truth.
This was the child who fell asleep on me
last week on the trip over
Heres a few photos, didn't really have it handy when all the action was happening, so next week prepare yourselves ;)

Me Dashuri

Elder Waters

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