Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hardest week so far.....

Hey mum!!!! Yeah I got the bag and I'm wearing it now actually. Its real sweet everyone seems to like it. The hard drive I can’t use as well because the computers are restricted and you can't do much with them.. but in the field they will be really useful :)
This Week was probably the hardest week by far. It was a massive roller coaster and it finally resolved beautifully because through all the lows and hard times, I came out a better man, rededicating myself to the Lord through sincere prayer, and, because it was truly sincere, it really helped. So If any of our family are struggling at home, I encourage you to pray sincerely about things because it really does help! When we do this we take a bigger perspective at life and we filter through whats important and whats not, honing down our priorities. This is what it has done for me.

We have a new branch president and he’s cracking down on the rules. My companion and I have made exact obedience a real focus, so its helped us alot. I felt like I have been trying but I really haven’t been able to access the gift of tongues yet, so this week through exact obedience, this will be my goal.

Im going to do it mum and dad :) I do it for all of us, its blessing all of us. 
My companion Elder Simons and I with our Mission President and his wife
The food here is driving me insane! Its so different, some is nice, but I really just want a solid boil up or something. Give me a hangi!!!! haha. We found a rugby ball the other day and everyones like 'do you play rugby'? I tell them I play league haha they are like errrrr what? They have no idea! Its hilarious. They seem mesmerized from the ball. Its hilarious. 

I have made some super good friends here, our district is working on our unity and when things are calm and loving, the spirit is with us with such strength that it COMPELS us to be better, to think about each other FIRST before you think about yourself. This is key to revelation. It has helped me so much!


Mum and Dad Thank you for the dear elders :) I really appreciate it and because of your comments I received some pretty sweet revelation that I took to the temple, did I tell you that I did sealings last week? Well I did initiatories this week and I took my pounamu through on both occasions. You are always with me my whanau. I love you so much it is hard to explain. Being away from you makes me realize how much I want you, how much I need you. I am so happy we have been sealed, thanks to the temple session I have been able to more fully understand what this means. And it is beautiful. I want this for the people I teach. My patriarchal blessing says that my mission will help me realize that this should be the goal of all the people I teach the reality of Christ to, to receive their temple ordinances. I am beginning to understand this :)

I want to write to all my family at least once. I’ve managed to send two letters so far, which should be received in about 12 days :) Your one is still to be written haha. But you already know how much I love you so thats all good. 

My surfer friend from Cali - He's a handsome dude huh!
If you end up sending a package (I love packages) could you please include my boardshorts and surf wax, I have been eating salt just to remind me of the ocean back home. I miss it so much haha! Raya sent me some sweet photos of the surf so I was stoked this morning to see it :) ALSO some colour photos of our family if you could! Cause I can't print colour haha. 
Most importantly, If you cant don’t worry about it.... Its not a biggie my family :) And if its too much of a hassle in any form then I beg you, forget about it. Completely. 

I love you my family, my return date is 30 December 2015 :) I cant wait to see you! 

të dua githë shumë
(I love you all alot) 

Elder Waters

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